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For more information about the painting read the blog detailing the creation of the painting “Drift”.

Boronski’s ‘Drift’: Navigating the Shadows of Plato’s Cave”

“Drift,” a magical artwork by Willem Boronski, offers viewers a rich tapestry of emotions, meanings, and symbolism. Upon first glance, the chaotic play of colours, layers, and textures dominates the canvas, but as one delves, more profound, more nuanced elements begin to emerge. The symbolic ladder, meticulously crafted from pieces of wood affixed to the …

Boronski’s ‘Drift’: Navigating the Shadows of Plato’s Cave” Read More »

Boronski’s art video, “Dessert in Plato’s Caves”

In Boronski’s captivating art video, “Dessert in Plato’s Caves,”  we are taken on a thought-provoking journey that explores the complex interplay between our perceived realities and the influence of media and advertising. Through a mesmerising 3.45-minute reflection, we are invited to ponder the authenticity of our experiences and the impact of the narratives imposed upon …

Boronski’s art video, “Dessert in Plato’s Caves” Read More »

“Dessert” in Plato’s Caves

Boronski’s art video, “Plato’s Dessert,” delicately manoeuvres through the precarious dance between our formulated realities and the shadows cast by media and advertising, enveloping us in a 3.45-minute reflection upon the extent of our authentic experiences versus media-imposed narratives. Employing, among others, stop-motion and paper-cutting techniques, Boronski parallels Plato’s cave dwellers with modern society, exchanging …

“Dessert” in Plato’s Caves Read More »

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