Open Atelier “From Still Life To Green Buttocks”

Open Atelier “From Still Life To Green Buttocks”

Open Atelier on Saturday 22 – and Sunday 23 June from 12:00 – 17:00. Theme From Still Lifes to Green Buttocks.

Boronski has been making art for over 30 years. His oeuvre consists of innovative and diverse works, in which an interesting development can be seen. When seeing his work and hearing his name, questions arise.

Who is Boronski himself? Is he a person or better described as a concept? Or is he the personification of a concept? In fact, it does not matter who Willem Boronski really is. Boronski likes to leave the answer to the viewer. Because he wants to give his viewers complete freedom to interpret his work in their own way, Boronski sees his own person as subordinate to this. He wants nothing to distract from seeing his work. He invites the viewer to create their own reality.

This catalogue offers an overview of his work. The layout is based on various themes. Themes that have touched, inspired and motivated Boronski. In this way, the development within his work will gradually become clear while reading – and especially looking.

Boronski is an artist first and foremost. Let his art surprise and amaze you. Don’t let yourself be guided or influenced, but always look with an open mind.

Status: Available
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