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Removing Boundaries

For Willem Boronski, art can be compared to nature. He sees a painting as a living organism that continuously develops itself and enters into relationships with its environment. Boronski expresses this as an incessant dance between the material, the artist and the viewer. It is about the interaction between these three different parties. During this …

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The Reality

Art dealer and art historian Jan Six recently revealed that he had discovered and purchased a new Rembrandt. The painting had been in the hands of a noble British family for years, who had no idea of ​​its value. When it ended up at auction in London, as one of the ‘deemed less important’ works, …

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Francis Of Assisi

Willem Boronski was inspired by Francis of Assisi, the saint who could talk to animals. When Boronski travelled to Assisi in Umbria, it made a deep impression on him. Francis of Assisi, son of a wealthy merchant, lived from 1181 to 1226. When he was taken prisoner in 1202 during a battle between Assisi and …

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Boronski uses the staircase as a concept to show that ‘always more’ – the norm in Western culture – usually ends badly. Moving higher up the ladder changes people and society. This does not have to be a bad thing, but you must be aware that the view at the top of that ladder does …

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Contrast Creates Beauty

In Boronski’s concept of beauty, contrasts play a major role. Paintings in which contrasts can be seen, such as a contrast between colours or shapes, contain a certain tension and fascinate Boronski the most. According to him, art in which ‘impossible’ combinations are made, in which elements that seemed incompatible are united, radiate beauty. An …

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